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Northeastcooling - Specialists in Commercial Refrigeration Repair Illinois

This is another SEO Testimonial from another one of our happy international clients who we have helped not only rank superbly in Google but also assisted in driving perfectly timed sales to his commercial refrigeration business in the middle of summer!

Case Study in SEO : NORTHEASTCOOLING.COM, a specialist in commercial refrigeration repair, asked us to help them rank better in search engines. The interesting thing was, they were already using another SEO firm but wanted even higher results than what they were getting. This didn’t phase us as we knew we could do a better job and gladly took up the challenge.

Even after being in business for 15 years, Mitch Byrne the company director saw that there was more business potential by optimizing his website to achieve higher ranks in Google.

The keywords that he requested we work on were:

Within three weeks we optimized the website and if you click on the links below you’ll see they’re now ranking on the first page of Google for the keywords they selected!

Mitch was so happy with our results that he then asked us to help him out with the following keywords that he was not ranking well for in Google: is already moving up the Google search results for these last two terms.

Mitch has happily reported an increase in the number of daily phone call enquiries thereby showing a direct relation between increased traffic and leads.

Here’s the testimonial he left for us on LinkedIn:

“Awesome! I just checked google, I am on top! Wow! Even searches like freezer/ice machine repair chicago show up 2nd or so. And all 4 terms you concentrated on are #1. I’m going to show these recent results to the guys at net solutions. Maybe they need lessons from you? THANKS, YOU KNOW HOW TO GET AWESOME SEARCH RESPONSE!

Mitch Byrne
Service Category: SEO and Web Design
Year first hired: 2009
Top Qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

We’d also love help you get more targetted traffic and sales! Please contact us today.

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SEO Testimonial – Alice Shapiro

Thumbs Up for Aranez Media!Here’s a testimonial that we recently received from another one of our international SEO clients. I’m going to be more diligent about posting these up since they provide real evidence of our ability to help individuals and companies rank better in search engines.

Case Study in SEO
Alice Shapiro is a renowned author from Atlanta and approached us to help her rank in Google for the following keywords:

    Within in two weeks we redesigned her blog and if you click on the links below you’ll see she’s now ranking on the first page of Google!

    Here’s the testimonial she left for me on LinkedIn:

    “Arnold is an SEO expert! He helped me set up a writer’s blog/website and managed to get me on page 1 of Google almost immediately. He is professional, timely, personable, and cost effective. I am very happy with the results he provided and highly recommend his services.

    Alice Shapiro”
    Service Category: SEO and Web Design
    Year first hired: 2009
    Top Qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

    We’d love to work with you and give you similar great results in search engines!

    Alice is now enjoying more traffic than she ever imagined and is using her website regularly to promote her upcoming published works. Make sure you drop by and check out her poetry :)

    Contact us today for a FREE SEO website report:

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